Eureka Lithium

Quebec’s Far North

One of world’s top 5 nickel belts but no historical exploration for lithium in region despite abundant pegmatite outcrop

Pro-mining, pro-exploration, and close to tidewater at the deep all-season port facility at Deception Bay

Billionaires Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are among key investors in privately-held KoBold Metals, an aggressive battery metals-focused exploration and development company very active in Nunavik near Eureka Lithium. 

Why Nunavik?

  • Large Mineralized Structures
  • Abundant Pegmatite Outcrop
  • Highest Concentration of Lithium and Cesium in Lake Bottom Sediments in Quebec
  • Massive Untapped Exploration Potential With No Previous Lithium Focus

Nunavik covers an area that would make it the 53rd largest country in the world by landmass, bigger than the likes of Japan, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Ecuador, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Congo, Morocco, Iraq, and many others.

~500,000 sq. km.

14,000 Population

Nunavik Means "Great Land" in the local dialect of Inuktitut

Air Link Year-Round to All Villages

Density of Lake Bottom Sediment Sample Coverage in Quebec

Each dot represents a sample. Lake seds cover all of Quebec at 1 sample every 10-12 sq. km.  

Lithium Lake Sediment Comparisons

The Case for Lithium in Nunavik

Eureka Lithium (formerly Scout Minerals) Secures First Mover Advantage in Quebec’s Next Lithium Frontier

Widespread Historically Mapped Pegmatites

Widespread historically mapped pegmatites in multiple rock units, including mafic gneiss with basaltic amphibolites, never previously sampled

Ideal Tectonic Setting

Ideal tectonic setting for spodumene-bearing pegmatites – geophysics shows favorable structural environment throughout Nunavik for emplacement of pegmatites

Remarkable Geochemistry

Remarkable geochemistry – unusual abundance of 99th percentile lithium and cesium in lake bottom sediments in Quebec govt. database, far exceeding those in James Bay region

Very Anomalous Lithium

Very anomalous lithium found in drill core and rock samples in 2022 program at a gold property well outside of the intense signatures for lithium and cesium in lake bottom sediments

Extensive Outcrop

Extensive outcrop will speed up exploration process and allow for drilling of high priority targets in Summer 2023